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These paintings are just that. Your Divine Essence in painting form. I tune into your energy and a vision of your painting is downloaded and then I get to work! Every one is so different and unique with it's own tiny details that match who you are on so many levels.

Your essence, your purpose, past lives, etc all wrapped up into one.



Embodiment: a tangible or visible form of an idea, quality, or feeling.

The Embodiment Photo Shoot is taking all that you are, feel, and know and visibly bringing that out of yourself to share with the world. Just like the Embodiment Paintings I create. I see you as your highest self and what that image physically looks like then I put that onto a canvas. The same is for this photo shoot. Bringing ALL of you forward and physically and energetically capturing it through photo. The essence of YOU.

These photoshoots are done in the element that your energy connects most to and in the outfits that fit just that.

There is a lot of back work that goes into these photoshoots. I create a playlist intuitively by connecting to your photoshoot and music that will help you flow into your movement and essence.

I pull your Natal (astrology) and Human Design Charts and tune into your energy. Here and now, cosmically, past lives, your gifts, etc. and from there create the make up of what your photo shoot will be.

Sounds amazing, right?! If you need photos that portray you through and through? Then this is the session for you.




A lotta magic, a lotta practical.

Do you know who you are and are still working on how to bring that forward into your life? Do you feel like there is more to you that wants to be expressed, but you are running into old patterns of self doubt that keep you stuck? Do you find yourself wondering how to embody not only who you know you are, but also who you want to be in a healthy way?
Are you feeling the pull to deepen your knowledge and understanding of who you are and your uniqueness? 
If any of these questions are a yes at all for you, you my friend are in the right place.

In the Embodiment Energy Sessions, we will look at all that is 'holding you back', heal it, move through it and bring in all of who you are.

I connect to your energy, feel where energy is stagnant, translate and share the messages in any form they want to come through (It can be through past pain, angels, guides, past loved ones, visuals, etc.) and help move the flow so you feel connected and empowered.

You already have all you need inside you. I am here to assist you in remembering, healing, and bringing that forward so that you can truly embody you.

When you are ready, click here to set up a session and we will begin this sacred journey to your highest self.


These sessions are just that. I scan your physical, energetic, and spiritual body for messages and healing.

These sessions are sent through email. I record as I'm sharing what comes up in the reading.

Ways your body wants to heal. What it needs on all

levels, what's ready to be released.

Messages can come through from your guides also.

A lot of releasing and connection.

Simple and impactful.

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