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hello, gorgeous!

                                    'Home' is calling you

And ‘Home’ is inside. Inside your beauty. Inside your uniqueness. Inside that deep heart calling of yours. Inside YOUR knowing and your path. Your signature spiritual essence.

We’ve been searching outside of ourselves for so long, for something that’s already within.

Home is ALL of you.  

And YOU are creation. You are ALL emotions. You are ever evolving. You are adventurous, curious, brave, emotional, majestic, courageous, powerful, strong, fierce, calm, intuitive, empathic, compassionate, fiery, and so. much. more.

This isn't your first rodeo. And you chose this life. To experience it and to EMBODY all of what you are.

You are stardust. You are magic. You are nature. You are the cosmos and everything infinite in this Universe and all places and time that has ever existed.

You are all of that. Right now.

YOU are home. YOU are your safe space.

And I'm here to lovingly guide you to that knowing inside yourself. To open up to all of the beauty and grandness that you are across all time.

Let's come home, shall we?!


Much Love,



Choose Your Embodiment Experience






Janica is a rare find! ✨
Have you ever just wanted to be your truest self with someone, but, then you aren’t really sure who that is? Janica embraces that whole question and creates a warm, supportive, fun space for you to explore and discover what your higher self is looking for. Her skills and abilities gracefully brought me to a place that allowed me to see, love and accept myself. It created, for me, a more clear picture of my purpose and what unconditional love really means to me.
I am very grateful for her willingness to be a conduit of love and support, and l that our paths crossed just when they did.

-Sara Brozovsky

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Janica was such a honor to work with! I feel like I got my monies worth just within the first 15 min of the session. The second you walk into her space you can feel the energy all around you and she is so insightful and tuned in it blew me away. I had only met her over ig but just with the brief communication prior she tapped right in to what I needed. I was on a high after our session and felt so uplifted and she helped me make the necessary shifts. Months later I am still incorporating things she taught me during our session and I look forward to working with her again frequently!!


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My sessions with Janica have been enlightening, clearing and centering. Every time I leave feeling inspired to follow direction given to me allowing healing to continue.

-Cobilynn Rogers


“Testimonials work great. Showing your reviews in quotes has a powerful effect on customers and makes them trust you.”

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