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Hi! I'm Janica


I've been the classic people pleaser.

Constantly comparing myself and actually hating what I looked like and my personality.

Checking off ALL the right boxes.

Listening and doing what everyone else said would bring happiness. Yet had that ‘something is missing’ feeling. And I wasn’t fully happy.

That’s where my self healing journey began.

I didn’t know what self love meant or even was, so I googled it. Then I hired my first mentor and started learning ALL about programming from others. False beliefs that we picked up along the way. HOW to deprogram and then began the deep dive into SEEING my beauty and uniqueness that made me, ME.


Really tapping into my spirituality and gifts and understanding that every inkling, vision, feeling, and experience I was having WAS real.

It was liberating. I started finding my voice. I started seeing the beauty in day to day life. I started connecting to my heart and my feelings towards what was right for me and my path and what that even meant.

I started coming home to myself. Physically, energetically, cosmically, and spiritually.

It’s a continual process of healing and learning and growing and evolving. And I am here to help you along your own journey of discovering what makes you, YOU. Beautiful and Unique. Connecting to that heart of yours so you can feel FREEDOM within yourself.

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